TBH… My 3 year old is driving me nuts!!

Hello and I hope you all are having a wonderful day!  As I’m trying to work plus set up this site and my 3 year old daughter, Bless her heart, is climbing all over me while at the same time making a mess and absolutely refusing to pick it up! As a work at home Mom, I find it increasing hard to be creative and work.  Some people don’t realize raising 2 kids is quite a full time job.(Without the overtime)  I often find myself up at 3AM writing, blogging, keeping up with my FB pages and everything else that goes into self marketing.  So I’m done with my rant.  Any tips from other work at home parents on how to find time to work with young children around?  I live in a small apartment in NYC so space is not a luxury I have right now.  But any ideas are incredibly appreciated!




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