Love of Words quote of the day for Saturday!

Too be honest… I love the book and movie! I’m going to make it a “Little Women” weekend! ☺

Love Of Words


I like good strong words that mean something… 

Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott (born November 29, 1832), grew up in an iconoclastic household. Her parents were transcendentalists who later established a utopian community, and when she was a teenager the Alcotts were part of the Underground Railroad. Though her beloved book, Little Women, was based on her relationship with her sisters, it paints a more conventional family picture.

For today, JIC (Just in Case) you feel like reading or watching something from this amazing writer, I’ve got you covered!

Or the ’94 version of the movie!

Have a wonderful weekend and Make it a Great Day! ☺

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