Oh, C’mon People, Please “Ask Away”🤓

C’mon everyone! There has to be something you’d like to ask or want to know!

I know most of us usually don’t ask complete strangers trivial things but I love trial things and in the sidebar on this website there’s a little bio of me so I’m not a stranger anymore. Now I’m an acquaintance so feel free to ask away!

Think of me like Jill the Encyclopedia! I know Wikipedia has things pretty much covered but in this age of technology, I wanted to try something different. I want to engage with you. And I thought the best way was through asking questions. Now I know I said it can be trivial (which it absolutely can) but you can also ask questions about me! I am going to try to get the ball rolling here. I’m going to ask you a question. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be hard. And then if you feel like answering, leave the answer in a comment. If you answer the question, please ask me something. Then we have a dialogue started and let’s see where this post goes! Who knows the skies the limit!


Okay here’s your question:

Define happiness. What is true happiness to you? And how often do you experience your kind of happiness?


I will answer this question too, but I have it in prose form which I’ll publish in the comment section once I’ve read your answers.


I really appreciate any time you take to answer the question or ask me one! Thank You for reading my posts and for being loyal supporters! Make it a Great Day!


All My Best,



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