About TBH and Me!

I am a full time writer and mother of 2. My main concentrations are in the Arthurian legends and poetry. I have articles published in Arthuriana which is an academic journal pertaining to King Arthur. I am a member in good standing of the International Arthurian Society, The Round Table North American Chapter. I have an Arthurian blog @ArthurianRomances.com, there I post my articles and articles of other Arthurian scholars. I also post beautiful pics that I love that are well within the genre. In addition to the book on Arthurian Romances and Medieval Texts that’s due out soon, I have a collection of poems being published as well. Some excerpts of the poetry can be found on my other blog at http://www.JillNYC.com. I hope you enjoy both as well as my Love Of Words blog. It’s filled with a Word of the Day, Obsolete, Urban, Weird Words, sometimes some articles on This Day in History and Great Quotes from interesting people! You can find this blog at http://LoveOfWords.net. My love of words sprung from both writing poetry and reading Old English and Welsh texts (As well as the hated purple prose which I happen to adore!) My next endeavor is “Too Be Honest…”.  With this blog I just want to write about anything and everything I find interesting and stuff that goes on in (My) Life.  Hopefully you will find my posts familiar and funny! I welcome any comments or ideas you may have. Please feel free to drop by my Facebook page Arthurian Romances and Love Of Words too!



6 thoughts on “About TBH and Me!

    1. Professor, you have to check out my Arthurian blog @ ArthurianRomances.com! I’ve been writing about the Arthurian legends for only 15 years but I’d have to say my ultimate love is 2 aspects of the Arthurian Legends. I love trying to prove Arthur’s existence (in the Dark Ages). I also fell in love with the stories of Malory, Chretien, Wace, Layamon,to name a few. I think the love stories are wonderful, whether it’s Uther and Igrain, Tristan and Isolde, or Arthur, Lancelot, & Guinevere, (whatever time period).

      All My Best,


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