To be honest…Book weddings that made us believe in Happily Ever After 

Here comes the fictional bride and groom! For Romance week, we’ve invited ourselves back to the book weddings that made us swoon, smile, laugh, and cry. From intimate candlelit ceremonies to blowout bashes, these are the ceremonies—and receptions!—we wished we had been invited to in real life. 

My favorite is Jamie and Claire’s Wedding from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series


Why I love it: “The pressure of his fingers on mine increased. I had the impression that we were holding each other up; if either of us let go or looked away, we would both fall down. Oddly, the feeling was mildly reassuring. Whatever we were in for, at least there were two of us.”
Please leave a comment below about your favorite book wedding!


Dark Valentine: My Relationship with “Silence of the Lambs” On Its 25th Anniversary

Dark Valentine: My Relationship with “Silence of the Lambs” On Its 25th Anniversary

Too be honest…this is a brilliant review of one of our all time favs, Silence of the Lambs by Stewart Stafford From


On Valentine’s Day 1991, The Silence of the Lambs had its premiere in New York. It took several months to reach the other side of the Atlantic and didn’t open in Dublin until May 1991 – a particularly dull, chilly month. It was one of those event movies that everyone says you have to see. As with The Exorcist and Fatal Attraction, it dominated the media for weeks. There were TV panel discussions on the hysteria for this new phenomenon – the serial killer (they were common or garden psychopaths before that.) It was the last film that I missed out on seeing because the cinema was full. With so many multiplexes everywhere, you get in to see whatever film you want now. Having to make a second attempt to join the lengthy queue and get in made it more enjoyable, I found.

manhunterThe other Hannibal movie from five years…

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Oh, C’mon People, Please “Ask Away”🤓

C’mon everyone! There has to be something you’d like to ask or want to know!

I know most of us usually don’t ask complete strangers trivial things but I love trial things and in the sidebar on this website there’s a little bio of me so I’m not a stranger anymore. Now I’m an acquaintance so feel free to ask away!

Think of me like Jill the Encyclopedia! I know Wikipedia has things pretty much covered but in this age of technology, I wanted to try something different. I want to engage with you. And I thought the best way was through asking questions. Now I know I said it can be trivial (which it absolutely can) but you can also ask questions about me! I am going to try to get the ball rolling here. I’m going to ask you a question. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be hard. And then if you feel like answering, leave the answer in a comment. If you answer the question, please ask me something. Then we have a dialogue started and let’s see where this post goes! Who knows the skies the limit!


Okay here’s your question:

Define happiness. What is true happiness to you? And how often do you experience your kind of happiness?


I will answer this question too, but I have it in prose form which I’ll publish in the comment section once I’ve read your answers.


I really appreciate any time you take to answer the question or ask me one! Thank You for reading my posts and for being loyal supporters! Make it a Great Day!


All My Best,


Ask Away!

One of the newest additions on To Be Honest… is if you have any questions (about anything)  no matter how trivial, (the more trivial the better) ask away!

Just place your question in the comment area below and I will search, scour the Internet, ask friends, etc. to find an answer for you.

I started this website back in the summer of 2013 due to the idea of a question I had. And of course the question was trivial! 😉

Our family were at the Jersey shore staying in a hotel and when I opened a drawer next to the bed, low and behold there was a Bible!  Not a shocker.  But then I actually wondered why do hotels put a bible in every room?  I thought, hey this can be a great idea to interact with all of you out there on the world wide web!  Needless to say I didn’t start the blog the way I intended and I’m sorry about that.  Instead I found interesting articles, books, and other things to comment on and left out the Question part.

Now here’s what I found on the Bible Question that was the idea of To Be Honest…


“Hotel Bibles” are also called “Gideon Bibles” after Gideon International, a group of male missionaries and Christian businessmen who took it upon themselves to provide this work to hotels across the nation.

Here’s how it all started… In 1898, John H. Nicholson stayed at the crowded Central Hotel in Boscobel, Wisconsin. The place was so crowded that he had to share a room with another person named Samuel E. Hill. They got to talking, as you might do if you were sharing a room with a stranger, and discovered that they were both Christians. That evening, they prayed together and talked about creating an association of traveling Christian businessmen.

In 1899, they put the idea to practice. Adding another to their number—William J. Knights—the men headed a meeting at a YMCA with the purpose to create an association of men who wished to achieve “mutual recognition, personal evangelism, and united service for the Lord.”

Initially, the three men mentioned above were the only people in the association because they were the only people who actually attended the meeting. Hills was named President, Knights Vice President, and Nicholson took on the roles of both treasurer and secretary. With that done, the men decided their new organization needed a name, and what better way to come up with one than to pray to God to lead them to the best one? The prayer apparently worked, or Knights simply had an epiphany, because not long after the prayer he directed the other two men to the Old Testament story about Gideon and declared, “We shall be called Gideons.”

Gideon’s story is recorded in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Judges, chapters 6-8. He isn’t the most obvious of namesakes for a band of Christian men—one translation of his name is “destroyer.” However, Gideon was a man who was charged by God to lead a relatively small number of men (300) against a drastically larger army, and he was able to beat them. Gideon was a fitting namesake for the tiny organization who had big dreams. Gideon International says that the organization tries to keep with Gideon’s mindset… No, not hunting down and killing a massive army of Midianites, but willing to do God’s work at any time and in any way He intends it to be done.

Over the next few years, the Gideon Association gained more members, almost all of whom were travelling Christian businessmen who spent a lot of time in hotel rooms. The topic of becoming more effective witnesses in hotels arose, and in 1908 The Bible Project was adopted. The project was proposed by one of the association’s trustees who believed that the Gideons should make it their goal to put a Bible in every hotel room in the United States because it “would be a gracious act, wholly in keeping with the divine mission of the Gideon Association.”

Though the Bible Project was adopted in Louisville, Kentucky, the first Gideon Bible was actually placed in a hotel in Superior, Montana in 1908. Since then, more than 1.8 billion Bibles have been placed in hotels throughout the United States and in over 190 other countries, written in over 90 different languages.

But how do all of these Bibles get into the hotel rooms, and who pays for them all?

The Bibles are paid for entirely by donations to the group, and donations likely stem from individuals or churches who support the Gideons’ cause. As for how the Bibles end up in the hotel rooms, the Gideons will ceremoniously present a Bible to a hotel manager upon the opening of a new hotel. They then provide more than enough Bibles for each hotel room, to be distributed by the hotel staff. The Gideons will also provide replacements for Bibles that are worn or “missing”—the Gideons don’t believe that any of their Bibles have ever been stolen from hotel rooms; they are simply taken by those in need, and that’s counted as a success in their mission to spread the word of the Lord.

Supposedly, it is estimated that about 25% of people who stay in hotel rooms actually read the Gideon Bible provided to them. As Gideon International estimates that each Bible has a lifespan of roughly six years, that means that each one is read by roughly 2300 people during its hotel room stay. The numbers are based on research conducted by Gideon through the hotel industry. The Bible Project has done so well that a number of other religions have started providing literature to hotels. As such, you may find a Koran or the Book of Mormon next to your Gideon Bible at your next hotel stay.

Thumb Owls…3rd Grade

Thumb Owls…3rd Grade

To be honest…this is a great art project to do with your children during the cold days of winter and/or Christmas break!

Sterling Students Art Room

Third grade wrapped up their multi-session and varied media exploration of birds with one of Mrs. Sterling’s favorite lessons…Thumb Owls.

First step is to form clay into the shape of a sausage and then stick your thumb right in the middle.  Pinching out a beak and pressing two eyes with a marker cap makes an instant owl.  Ear feather, wings and even adding a baby owl are all fun to experiment with as everyone had a great time learning how to use wooden clay tools to create texture on their air-dry clay owl.

This lesson comes from

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Too be honest…The Vorbing by Stewart Stafford is a Must Read!


To be honest…I loved this book!  The Vorbing is a must read for all. Mr. Stafford (who is in my opinion a brilliant writer) takes the Vampire myth and turns it on it’s end by keeping to the original myths and dare I say history. In this fantastic novel vampires are neither gorgeous nor sparkling like most most fantasy novels or tv shows on the CW (The Vampire Diaries and the Originals). The novel keeps to traditional Celtic lore and as the series names, is the Vampire Creation Myth. The characters keep you reading and the vampires keep you invested in this new haunting series. Grab your copy today on Amazon HERE and enjoy being spooked!

You can also sign up on his blog for email updates about the series at

Too be honest… I love tidbits of information and am starting a “Fact of the Day” starting today! Enjoy!

Fact of the Day:


The probability of two whole fingerprints matching is around 1 in 64 billion.

Today in History:


October 22, 1797

French balloonist Andre-Jacques Garnerin made the first parachute descent, landing safely from a height of about 3,000 feet.

Today’s Birthdays:


October 22

1952 – Jeff Goldblum

1938 – Christopher Lloyd

Get a copy of my book FREE!

Too be honest…grab a copy while it’s free! It’s on me! Hope you enjoy!

Jill M Roberts

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Despite all the efforts that exhausted the search for Arthur through the centuries, he has managed to escape history. Since not only is there lack of evidence to support who he really was, can there be proof of his actual existence? There is some reference to Arthur through archaeology, myths and recorded history, however, there are many inconsistencies throughout them all. Disentangling the truth and reality from the folklore and the myths, and carefully piecing them together, some truths will become evident.

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Hope you’re having a great Monday! Here’s your quote of the day…

Too be honest… I love John Green’s work 😊☀️

Love Of Words

I’m not saying that everything is survivable. Just that everything except the last thing is.

John Green

Happy birthday, John Green! The beloved YA writer was supposed to make a cameo appearance in the film adaption of his book The Fault in Our Stars. His scene was cut, but Green was assured by the director that his acting had been “perfectly adequate.”

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It’s the start to a new week! Here’s your quote of the day…

Too be honest…I Love this quote! Enjoy! 😊

Love Of Words

I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.

Charles Dickens

August 3, 1861: The last installment of GreatExpectations was published 154 years ago today. When Charles Dickens first came up with the premise for the novel, he referred to it as “a very fine, new and grotesque idea.”

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