Oh, C’mon People, Please “Ask Away”🤓

C’mon everyone! There has to be something you’d like to ask or want to know!

I know most of us usually don’t ask complete strangers trivial things but I love trial things and in the sidebar on this website there’s a little bio of me so I’m not a stranger anymore. Now I’m an acquaintance so feel free to ask away!

Think of me like Jill the Encyclopedia! I know Wikipedia has things pretty much covered but in this age of technology, I wanted to try something different. I want to engage with you. And I thought the best way was through asking questions. Now I know I said it can be trivial (which it absolutely can) but you can also ask questions about me! I am going to try to get the ball rolling here. I’m going to ask you a question. Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be hard. And then if you feel like answering, leave the answer in a comment. If you answer the question, please ask me something. Then we have a dialogue started and let’s see where this post goes! Who knows the skies the limit!


Okay here’s your question:

Define happiness. What is true happiness to you? And how often do you experience your kind of happiness?


I will answer this question too, but I have it in prose form which I’ll publish in the comment section once I’ve read your answers.


I really appreciate any time you take to answer the question or ask me one! Thank You for reading my posts and for being loyal supporters! Make it a Great Day!


All My Best,



Too be honest…I love Upcycling!


Upcycling can be fun, and it is a wonderful way to let your creative side loose. With upcycling, you take an item that is old and worn or not being used. You can then make it into something that you do use or that you share with someone else.
As you explore the art of upcycling, you will be very excited about all it offers. Since there are no limits to the materials you can use or what you can create, it is interesting to see what you can come up with. The only limits will be those that you set for yourself!

This is the ebook edition and the paperback is out March 10th!

Thanks you to all my friends, family, and to you reading this post for all your enthusiasm and support!

Too be honest…interesting take on Does God Exist

Tom Chi is the Co-Founder of Google’s secret innovation lab, Google X, and was responsible for bringing Google Glass to the world. Tom has pioneered and practiced a unique approach to rapid prototyping, visioning, and data-driven design that has allowed him to both get new things off the ground and move large organizations at unprecedented speeds. Mindvalley Academy interviewed Tom on his opinion of Does God Exist the video below is rather interesting whether you agree with him or not.


Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and as always make it a great day!

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Jill M Roberts